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Issue No. 65, Dec. 8,1999


The RussiaSeries:

How Iran built theShahab-3

The complete package of Iran Brief investigations into Russianmissile assistance to Iran. You'll see how this story evolvedfrom our exclusive scoop on Iran's Zelzal 3 missile program inSeptember 1996,to the full-blown test of the Shahab-3 in July 1998.You'll find exclusive information on the expanding lists of Russiancompanies aiding Iran, interviews with U.S., Russian, and Israeliintelligence sources, and the tug-of-war in Washington between theWhite House and Congress over sanctions.Ground-breaking coverage byThe Iran Brief®. Now available as a searchable html data baseor as a series of text files. Price: $250. Just sendus an e-mail to receive your own package immediately! Pleasespecify if you prefer to receive the package via return e-mail, orwhether you want to be assigned a password to access our on-line,searchable data base.