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Issue No. 65, Dec. 8, 1999

U.S. says regime terrorism is worse (Serial 6510 -excerpts)

"The liberation of Jerusalem is our common goal and wemust not allow foreign plots and pressure to divide us."

- President Mohammad Khatami, speaking in Tehran on Oct. 10,1999 to Hezbollah leaders from Lebanon


U.S. counter-terrorism officials, meeting with their G-8counterparts in Berlin in mid-November, provided extensive newdetails of Tehran's support for international terrorism that showedthat the Islamic Republic has become increasingly active on thisfront since President Khatami took office more than two yearsago.

The Americans were prepared to meet strong resistance from theEuropeans, but were pleasantly surprised when counter-terrorismofficials from Britain and Germany made similar presentations...

...Specifically, S/CT warned that:

• In recent months Iran has shipped longer-range Katyusharockets to Hezbollah that will allow Hezbollah to reach targets deepwithin Israel. The extended range rockets will be able to strike thesuburbs of Haifa, some 40 kilometers from Hezbollah's southernmostpositions.

• Iran has stepped up financial transfers to Hamas throughintermediaries in Jordan, as part of an effort to step up terroristattacks inside Israel. Jordan has retaliated by cracking down onHamas officials operating out of Amman, and has seized computer disksand other evidence documenting the Hamas-Iran connection. Israeliauthorities have arrested several Hamas bomb-makers in recent monthswho confessed to having been trained in Iran and financed by theIranian government, as we have reported in earlier issues.[...]

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