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from the Middle East Data Project,Inc.

The Middle East Data Project, Inc. has a longtrack record of providing discrete consulting services to clientsseeking high-quality information on select Middle East countries andtheir nationals.

Clients include major U.S. and European aerospacecompanies, government agencies, parliamentary committees,think tanks,international law firms, television, radio and print media outlets,and well-known private sector risk-assessment and counter-terrorismfirms.

Recent tasks include:

  • Expert testimony on Middle East terrorist organizations, high-tech smuggling, weapons procurement, and concealed assets.
  • Congressional testimony on terrorism, counterfeiting, and weapons development
  • Conception and production assistance of "Gulf War +5" with Dan Rather, an hour long "CBS Reports" documentary on Iraq five years after the Gulf War. (Jan. 18, 1996).
  • Lead corporate investigator in a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit against international suppliers of chemical and biological equipment and materials, on behalf of a class action of Gulf War veterans afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome
  • Investigation into technology transfer agreements between a major U.S. military contractor and front companies working on behalf of South Africa and Iraq, that led to a $10 million settlement on behalf of client

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