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"TheRussian missiles we could have stopped,"testimony before the House International Relations Committee onthe responsibility of Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Strobe Talbottfor Iran's Shahab-3 missiles, Oct. 6, 1999

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from The American Spectator magazine

Shootthe Messengers, December 1999/January 2000. When theClinton administration finds embarassing intellingence on China'smilitary modernization, it knows what to do.

Partnersin Crime, August 1999. New evidence shows the linkthat Republicans and Democrats have long ignored between recklesstransfers of defense technology to Communist China and campaigndonations to Clinton-Gore.

Red Star OverWashington, May 1999. The theft of America's most advancednuclear warhead design by Chinese spies operating within our nuclearweapons labs is only the tip of the iceburg. China is now using some10,000 "illegals" to collect intelligence in the United States, andaccording to a confidential Pentagon assessment, has been able tobuild an entire encrypted military communications network, thanks toassistance from the Clinton Pentagon.

FloridaSplendid China, March 1999. When you're at Disney, stop by atthis propaganda theme park, owned and controlled by the State Councilof the People's Republic of China .

TheDNC's Chinese Money Laundry, November 1998. John Huangwas a Chinese government spy collecting U.S. intelligence secrets,according to two former Congressional aides deeply involved in thecampaign finance investigations.

"CaliforniaTakeout," October 1998. Inside the U.S.-basedprocurement and espionage network of China's largest state-ownedaerospace company, CATIC.

"Loral Exams," July 1998. An exposé of howthe Commerce Department and NSC staffers helped Loral, Hughes andMotorola get satellite exports to China approved, and the impact onU.S. national security of those exports.

"China's 22nd Province," October 1997. An investigation intoPLA companies operating in California, F-14 part smuggling ringsaimed at exporting military equipment to Iran, and the CATICcorporate network.

"Where has all the money gone," August 1997. An analysisof campaign contributions the DNC from Chinese entities andoperatives.

"While America Sleeps," June 1997. The first comprehensivelook at the "China plan" to infiltrate the political, military, andsecurity apparatus of the United States, as well as Chinese effortsto penetrate the U.S. economy.

"All Roads Lead to China," March 1997, an investigationinto John Huang and Lippo ties to the People's Liberation Army, andIra Magaziner's secret plan to release U.S. nuclear technology forsale to China.

"PekingPentagon. Bill Perry: Too Tight with the Enemy?" April 1996,an investigation into the ties between the U.S. defense secretary anda PLA high-tech procurement front, Hua Mei, seeking encryptiontechnology from the U.S.

"China Shops," March 1995. Initially conducted for TimeMagazine, this investigation into U.S. high-tech sales to China(McDonnell Douglas, Garrett engine, Yuchai America) was so hot thatthe Clinton administration intervened with Time editors to kill thestory and fire the reporter.

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