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La Grande Fauche: La Fuite des Technologies verl'Est

(English title: Gorbachev's TechnologyWars)

by KennethR. Timmerman

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Publication history

La Grande Fauche was commissioned in 1988 by Frenchpublisher Les Editions Plon, and appeared in 1989. Written inFrench by the author, it has never been published in anEnglish-language version.

An excerpt appeared prior to publication in Paris Match.The lead story of the book, about French techno-bandit AiméRichardt, first appeared as a cover story with the French newsweeklyL'Express as "Le Scandale Français: SecretsInformatiques Vendus à l'URSS" (16-22 October 1987edition).

Extraits (édition française)

Selected excerpts (author's English translation)