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The Death Lobby: How the West ArmedIraq

by KennethR. Timmerman

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Publication history

Published in the U.S. by Houghton Mifflin in 1991, The DeathLobby subsequently appeared as a Bantom paperback in Britainin 1992, and was published in French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, andFarsi..

While some of those foreign language editions may still be inprint, the book is also available on back order from You need to select the Books channel, then enter myname.

I have made available certain excerpts onthis site. For information on how tocontact the various publishers, click here.s

The book was well-received, and is still considered the "Bible" onIraq's arms industry by many experts. But don't take my word for it.Read what the critics say.


The Death Lobby Contents

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Map of IraqiWeapons Plants


How to contact the publishers toobtain copies

British paperback edition published by Bantom Books, December 1992

(Note: This is the only English-language edition still in print)

Bantam Books
61-63 Uxbridge Road
London W5 5SA
Tel: 44 181 579-2652. Fax: 44 181 579-5479

Original U.S. edition published November 1991 by:

Houghton Mifflin
215 Park Avenue South
New York, NY
Tel: 212 420-5800. Fax: 212 420-5850.
For book orders: 1800 225-3362.

British edition published in hardback in January 1992 by:

Fourth Estate
289 Westbourne Grove
London W11 2QA
Tel: 44-171 727-8993. Fax: 44-171 792-3176

French edition published in November 1991 by:

Editions Calmann Levy
3, rue Auber
Paris 75009 - France
Tel: 33-1-47 42 38 33 Fax: 33-1-47 42 77 81
Title: Le Lobby de la Mort

Dutch edition published in December 1991 by:

Baarn, Netherlands
Title: Der Judaskus

Portuguese edition published in March 1992 by:

Editora Objectiva
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Title: O Lobby da Morte

Danish edition published in July 1992 by:

Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: Dodens Spekulanter

Farsi version published in 1994 by

Dessa Books
Sendoog Pastee
Tehran - 15785-5919 - Iran
Tel: 7744744 or 7744745. Fax: 7734745
Title: Soodahgar-e Marg.
This appears to be a bootlegged version.


What the Critics say

• "A devastating and persuasive indictment of Governmentalstupidity, bureaucratic incompetence and corporate greed that enabledthe Iraqi war machine to become the monster we had to face in thefall of 1990."

- Frederick Forsyth, author of The Fist of God, Day of the Jackal, etc.

• "The pages of this book are filled with carefullyresearched information about how greed for profits leads companies tosupport an unscrupulous dictator by readily supplying him with themeans of slaughtering defenseless people."

- Simon Wiesenthal

• "well-documented and thoroughly readable... The Death Lobbydescribes a global arms supply system that is almost completely outof control."

- The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

• "This strongly documented book is essential reading... Foran understanding of the Gulf war and the enemy's powerful arsenal,The Death Lobby is in a class by itself."

- The New York Times

• "He names names - scores of major corporations thatprovided components or expertise... This book has refocused ourattention."

- Wall Street Journal