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Issue No. 8, June 1, 1995
Text of the Russian-Iranian protocol (Serial0818)

The following text was published by the Natural Resources DefenseCouncil on May 10 in Washington, as Presidents Clinton and Yeltsinwere meeting to discussion Iran in Moscow.


of negotiations between Professor V.N. Mikhailov, Minister ofAtomic Energy of the Russian Federation, and Director R. Amrollahi,Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and President of theOrganization of Atomic Energy of Iran.

From January 5-8, 1995, Minister of Atomic Energy of the RussianFederation, Prof. V. N. Mikhailov, visited Iran at the request of theVice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, President of theOrganization of Atomic Energy of Iran, Director R. Amrollahi.

During this visit, negotiations took place on cooperation in thesphere of peaceful use of atomic energy.

The Sides voiced their satisfaction with the results of the visitand achieve the following agreements:

1. By the present protocol, it is established that the contractfor completion of construction of Block No. 1 at Busheir NuclearPower Plant (NPP), which was signed by the All-Russian productionassociation "Zarybedjatomenergostroy" and by the Organization ofAtomic Energy of Iran on January 8, 1995, shall be carried out by theSides of the contract.

2. The Sides exchanged letters in which the principal questions ofthe cooperation on completion of construction of Block No. 1 at theBusheir NPP on the territory of Iran were decided.

3. To utilize Iranian personnel, as much as possible, for theobjectives of the cooperation, especially for work on the completionof construction of Block No. 1 at the Busheir NPP.

4. The subsequent delivery of fuel for Block No. 1 at the BusheirNPP will be put into effect under conditions and at prices[set] by a corresponding agreement.

5. In the course of a month, the Russian Side will commission thecorresponding Russian organization to give a commercial proposal onthe training of Iranian personnel, in order that after thepreliminary assessment of Block No. 1 at Busheir NPP, itscommissioning could be carried out independently by the Iranianpersonnel.

6. The Sides will commission their competent organizations toprepare and sign:

- in the course of three months, a contract for delivery of alight water reactor for research with a power of 30-50 MWt fromRussia;

- in the course of the first quarter of 1995, a contract for thedelivery of 2000 tonnes of natural uranium from Russia;

- in the course of the first quarter of 1995, a contract for thepreparation/training for Organization of Atomic Energy of Iranscientific personnel, 10-20 (grad students and PhDs) annually, atRussian academic institutions;

- within a six month period of time, a contract for theconstruction of a uranium vault in Iran, after which negotiationswill be conducted on the signing of a contract for the constructionof a centrifuge plant for enrichment of uranium according toconditions, which are comparable with conditions of contractsconcluded by Russian organizations with firms of third countries.

7. The Sides have agreed:

- on cooperation in the construction of research reactors of lowpower (less than 1 MWt) in Iran for instructional purposes. Over asix month period, the Russian Side will transfer atechnical-commercial proposal to the Iranian Side of thisquestion/issue.

- to examine the issue of cooperation on the construction of adesalination plant in Iran.

- to carry out meetings, no less frequently than once a year, onthe high level of Russia's Minatom and the Organization of AtomicEnergy in Iran for the organization of operational control for theimplementing of cooperation, especially for the work in connectionwith the construction of Block No. 1 at Busheir NPP.

Two copies of the present protocol were signed in Iran, January 8,1995, each in Russian and Persian languages.

Minister of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation

V. N. Mikhailov

President of the Organization of Atomic Energy of Iran

R. Amrollahi

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