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Issue no 63, Oct. 4, 1999

  • 6301 U.S. talks to Iran. A senior U.S. official has held talks with an "authorized representative" of the government of Iran; and so far, news of the meetings has failed to set off a firestorm in Tehran. 955 words
  • 6302 U.S. prevents compensation to terrorist victims. A U.S. court rejected a motion by the Flatow family to seize Iranian government assets in the U.S. 336 words
  • 6303 Jordan arrests Hamas leaders. Iran steps up support for Palestinian radicals, and confronts King Abdallah. 343 words
  • 6304 Greek Defense Minister denies Iran defense pact. Iran Brief exclusive: After his stunning visit to Iranian defense plants in June, Greece's Defense Minister says in Washington he seeks "regional cooperation," not a defense pact. 746 words
  • 6305 Canada blocks nuclear deal with Iran. Only three days after our lead story last month, Canada blocks the sale of its Tokamak reactor. 170 words
  • 6306 Canadian businessman pleads guilty on exports. Plea bargain in Miami avoids a trial.. 229 words
  • 6307 Congress blocks Russia aid. Unanimous passage of the Iran Nonproliferation Act puts pressure on the administration to crack down on Russian aid to Iran's missile programs. 395 words
  • 6308 CIA report on missile threat. Iran could have ICBM in fewer years than previously thought.. 239 words
  • 6309 Students death penalties greet Austrian President. Iran Brief exclusive: As the European Union vows to cut off high-level talks, Austria's president thumbs his nose and travels to Tehran to sign contracts. 1064 words
  • 6310 MOIS killings were "a common act," official says. Stunning insider's account of the investigation into the Forouhar murders. 567 words
  • 6311 Rafsanjani to succeed Khamene'i?. Closed door meetings early last month pave the wave for former President, as Leader's health fails. 483 words
  • 6312 Hezbollah goes to Majlis. Election strategy for hard-liners 155 words
  • 6313 Five year plan proposes rial reform. Khatami's pledge to allow Iran's currency to float could bring on hyper-inflation. 446 words


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