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Issue No. 46, May 4, 1998


No progress in Moscow. U.S. Special Envoy Robert Gallucci came back empty handed from the latest round of talks on Russian assistance to the Iranian missile program. The Iran Brief details the latest allegations of Russian assistance, including astonishing new allegations that the Russian intelligence service is facilitating technology transfers to Iran. 1380 words

  • 4602 Missile on launch pad. Exclusive report on new missile test. 273 words
  • 4603 Iran Khodro seeks machine tools for missiles. Smugglers attempt to procure equipment in Japan, Germany, and Italy. 598 words
  • 4604 Shipments blocked in UAE, Japan. Recent successes in the fight against Iranian WMD programs have gone unnoticed in the press. 269 words
  • 4605 Guards chief urges nuclear development. Safavi speech also directly attacks President Khatami. 433 words
  • 4606 U.S. contemplates 'Prague spring' in Tehran. Exclusive report on closed U.S. government conference on Iran, as Washington wonders what to do next. 1140 words
  • 4607 Radio Free Iran goes ahead. Funds appropriated by Congress 408 words
  • 4608 More Mujahedin campaign dollars. Exposure in the press has caused the MEK to back off in its support for Sen. Torricelli, shift dollars elsewhere. 938 words
  • 4609 Khatami to Balouchistan, cleric killed. Effort at Sunni-Shia reconciliation, following opposition attack on government judge. 515 words
  • 4610 New legislation against women. Despite Khatami's efforts to liberalize Iranian society, Parliament enacts laws segregating health care. 377 words
  • 4611 Khamene'i praises Revolution's export. Direct from the rahbar's mouth..
  • 4612 Hamas leader visits Tehran. Khatami statement on 'Zionist entity' during Sheikh Ahmad Yassin visit to Tehran.. 413 words
  • 4613 Annual Terrorism report slams Tehran. 92 words

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