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Regime intelligence agents in France unmasked

The Iran Brief, Issue Number 31, dated 2/5/97,Serial 3112

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In an unusual public move, the Organization of the People's Fedaii Guerrillashas revealed the identities of fourteen individuals it claims are intelligenceagents of the Islamic Republic operating in France. The group says it tookthe move after waiting a year for the French authorities to take effectivemeasures to circumscribe the activities of the alleged agents, whose nameswere handed over the French early last year. When the French did nothing,the group decided to publish the list.

The group claims the fourteen agents are only part of the regime's"vast intelligence network in France... Other regime agents in Franceare carrying out their missions under commercial cover, and sometimes poseas opponents of the regime, in order to infiltrate cultural and artisticgroups."

The group identified the fourteen alleged agents as follows:

The Islamic Republic has frequently relied on the foreign branches ofits state-controlled banks to place intelligence agents and to financeterrorist operations. In Germany, for instance, the most prominent is BankMelli, which regularly advertises in the exile press to attract Iranianbusiness. Bank Melli maintains branches in Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf.