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 Text of messages received from Iranian-Americanorganizations regarding anti-sanctions lobbying

Press release from the Iranian American JewishFederation

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Los Angeles
April 25, 2005
HR 282 AND S 333
 The Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF), today voiced itsstrong support for HR 282 authored by Congresswoman IleanaRos-Lehtinen, and S 333 authored by Senator Rick Santorum.
 "We have recently witnessed a statement issued by a small groupwhich appears to be sympathetic to at least some elements of theIslamic Republic's foreign policy goals, falsely implying that theIranian American community opposes these initiatives by anoverwhelming majority" said Elias Eshaghian, Chairman of the Board ofthe IAJF.
 "Accordingly, the IAJF felt that it was necessary to make itclear that not only does NIAC [National Iranian AmericanCouncil] not represent the views of our community, but thatindeed the IAJF strongly supports both of these initiatives anddeeply appreciates the support of their authors and co-signers in theU.S. Congress."
 Mr. Eshaghian added that:  "The policy of the IAJF isrooted in support for the wishes of the majority of the Iranianpeople. In this respect we are in full agreement with the President'spolicy of standing with the People of Iran and we support allinitiatives that would be conducive to free expression of opinion bythose people."

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Contact: Sam Kermanian
  Secretary General
  Iranian American Jewish Federation
(323) 654-4700

Iranians strongly reject normalized relations betweenthe US and the Islamic Republic


April 22, 2005

On February 4th, 2005, the State Departmentagain reiterated that the United

States government does not have a policy ofregime change in occupied Iran. One

can hardly be shocked; the State Department isthe very same American government

institution that granted Mohsen Sazegara, thefounder of the Islamic Republic‚s

Revolutionary Guard, a visa to visit the UnitedStates.


While a small minority have voiced theirconcern regarding the American

government‚s possible adoption of peacefuloverthrow of the theocracy, very few

are speaking out about the real danger, namelywhat devastating impact

normalization of ties between the IslamicRepublic and United States would have

on occupied Iran, American credibility andregional stability.


Many Iranians living around the world recognizewhat a great threat restored

relations between the theocracy and the UnitedStates poses. Point in fact: a

sample of 500 Iranians in the United Statesfound that 485 or 97% oppose the idea

of restored relations.


The American president has declared that thestated policy of the United States

government is to promote democracy around theworld, specifically in the Middle

East. Though the State Department may notfathom it, the fact is that the

establishment of democracy in Iran translatesto the overthrow of the theocracy.

Simply put: if you support democracy in Iran,you support regime change.


Normalization of ties between the occupyingclerical regime and America is

tantamount to the same policy that led to theoverthrow of Iran‚s national hero,

Dr. Mossadegh, and saw him replaced with themonarchy in 1953. The people‚s

revolution of 1978, prior to being hijacked byclerics, saw Iranians revolt

against a government that was utterly loathed,yet supported by the United States

government. Iranians now have favorable viewstowards the United States since it

has stood firm against the theocracy. Does theUS want to see a repeat of 1978 by

supporting another regime Iranians hate?


The Islamic Republic and it‚s lobbyists inthe United States would like the world

to believe that restored relations will bebeneficial to Iranians. They falsely

argue that increased trade will benefitIranians, and that the democratic

movement will be able to progress in a morerapid fashion. This ridiculous

argument can be readily defeated by simplylooking at what effects normalization

has had between Europe and the IslamicRepublic. While trade between the clerics

and the EU continues to increase, repressionand economic hardships have also

progressively gotten much worse. The Iranianmiddleclass has been decimated to a

point where one is either somehow connectedwith the ruling clergy and enjoys a

comfortable living, or be like the other ninetypercent of Iranians that work two

or three jobs just to make ends meet. TheIslamic Republic no longer has to mask

its aggression against Iranians, having acheerleader by the name of the EU ready

to prevent any negative impact on thetheocracy.



Peaceful means to weaken the theocracy, such assanctions, simply cannot work

effectively when practically every country isdoing business with the clerics.

The world needs to realize that an independent,secular republican Iran is the

best way to ensure peace and regionalstability. Moreover, if the international

community seeks to preserve their respectivenational interest then they must

take concrete steeps to support Iranianaspiration for freedom.


Long Live Iran


Compiled by the Foreign Policy Council of the Marze Por GoharParty