Slogans of the pro-democracy students inTehran

FDI received the following translation from familymembers in the United States of the political slogans used by thepro-democracy students at Tehran University, which highlight thenationalist and anti-clerical nature of thedemonstrations.


20 years of silence has ended, theuprising has started!

Students are roaring, the regime isshaking!

Khamene'i, Khamene'i, Shame,Shame!

Khatami, Khatami, where is yoursupport!

The killers of Forouhar are hidingbeneath the Leader's Aba (Mullah's cape)!

Freedom of thought is not possiblewith bearded leaders!

Incompetent Leader[Khamene'i], Resign! Resign!

Hezbollah, Taleban, Congratulationson your Joint Venture!

Hezbollah, Taleban, Death to yourconspiracies!

The blood of our martyrs isdripping from your claws!

These spiritless police are notfound in any nation!

The commander of the Forces[LEF] must be executed!

Larijani (head of state-run radioand television, IRIB] must be executied!

Those responsible for this criminalaggression must be executed before they kill themselves![reference to the "suicide" of Saed Emami, the MOIS deputyMinister who orchestrated the Forouharkillings]


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